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Time Constrained Checklist

I am trying to come up with a way to beemind doing a time restricted reusable checklist.

For example, when starting my work day I want to be sure that I have got everything ready eg laptop, calendar open, todo list to hand, paper notepad, water bottle etc. But I want to complete of this checklist to a timer so that I must complete each of these before forgetting about it and moving on with the day.

I want to be able to trigger this checklist timer challenge throughout the day so don’t think the adjusting of the time of the beeminder goal would work.
Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated


You could create a daily goal to complete your morning ritual by x time and in the description you can list out what that entails (e.g. water, calendar, etc).

So +1 if you do complete your morning ritual/prep or 0 if you do not.


Huh, I was going to have a similar response to above (like how I handle my bedtime checklist goal) until I noticed the “trigger throughout the day”. What about a basic do-more goal for “Complete checklist in 5 minutes”? You could set it for whatever slope is reasonable (maybe one checklist at the beginning of the day and one at the end, so a slope of 2/day) and you only get the +1 if the checklist is done by the timer limit.


Some ideas:

  • If you’re a Complice user, then this fits nicely their new feature: Complice’s Gloves Come Off: Announcing Micro Commitment Contracts in Complice | Beeminder Blog

  • We used to have an iOS app, GTBee, that would charge you if you didn’t complete tasks by a deadline, which could be 5-minutes-from-now. It still exists, but may not be supported.

  • The Beeminder API does have a charge-me-now feature that you could incorporate into a script. That’s what’s used by the GTBee app.

Using one of those or something similar would take care of the requirement about within-5-minutes-at-any-time, but you’d also want a Beeminder goal to remind you to trigger that chargeable countdown every so often.


TaskRatchet will do the same thing as GTBee (charging you if you don’t complete something by a deadline, which can be 5-minutes-from-now). It’s definitely supported, and I love it to bits.

It has a Beeminder integration (e.g., add one datapoint to a goal for each task added to TaskRatchet) so that could help you ensure that you do use it each day for completing the checklist by a time that could be different each day.

TaskRatchet has come a long way since that blog post was written so don’t be put off by comments like “It’s not very pretty”. :slight_smile: