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Tracking multiple GitHub repos against a single Beeminder goal

I have been interested in using Beeminder to track my programming goals through GitHub. Although there are known solutions for tracking single repos, I’m wondering if there are there any known solutions for tracking multiple github repos against a single Beeminder goal? I think this would be very useful in the case that you have a much more general programming goal (e.g. “Learn Python” or “contribute to open source”) that span multiple repos.

I understand that there is an official GitHub integration and an IFTTT integration, but they seem limited when it comes to tracking commits, issues, or pull requests across multiple repos.


I’ve been using the official GitMinder integration to simply track every commit that I’ve been pushing to my personal account.

The IFTTT integration is limited, but the Zapier integration seems more robust and could probably be made to track specific multiple repositories.

Alternatively, you could make a separate monorepository, perhaps private, and duplicate your commits to it.

(I also tried looking into Integromat’s integrations, and although there’s a lot, there isn’t a way to specifically track commits :confused: )



If anyone who wants expanded github autodata could give some little examples of things they want, it would likely be helpful.

For instance, “I want to track all of my commits made to a list of repositories”.


Hey guys, thanks for the options you suggested here, but I went out and created my own solution to this problem :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Check out this post if you’re interested.