Trying to use auto-ratchet feature, am I doing it wrong?

Hi all,

I’m trying to set up some of my habits so that they have to be done every day, i.e. even if the pledge is to do 10 minutes of something and I do 30 minutes today, I want to still be in a Beemergency tomorrow.

I’ve got my settings as below which I thought would do it, but whenever I update with a time which would give me a few days of buffer, the auto-reduce buffer feature doesn’t seem to kick in. Unless it’s the case that this feature doesn’t immediately ratchet, and it takes a few hours to happen?

Thank you!


Ah, thanks for mentioning that was weird to you! The autoratchet happens at the end of the day (or actually, at your deadline, to be more accurate). If you want to ratchet immediately, you’ll need to use the “reduce safety buffer” option. :slight_smile: Does that make sense now?


Ah ok as I suspected, thank you! :slight_smile: