Twitter connection issue

I’m getting this error on my tr-uvi-tweets goal, what do I need to do to fix this?

No user found, or Twitter account protected. You can email for help configuring this goal.

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Thanks for reporting! My first suspicion is that it’s related to a big Twitter outage yesterday:

Does that sound possible? If it’s still happening today then probably not!

Unfortunately, the error is still showing up today when I refresh, and it isn’t pulling in today’s tweets.

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Only a bit related, I saw on Twitter that you guys are having MailGun issues? I don’t see any updates on that on your @beemstat Twitter account. Where should I be watching to know when it’s solved?

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The email problem is very tentatively resolved:

Also thanks for the nudge to get that outage on – now done!

So back to this Twitter problem: can you ping where we can investigate under the assumption that it’s specific to your account at first. Then we can update this thread if it’s a more general bug.

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