Status update: Emails to may be bouncing

First of all: if you get charged/have literally any problems related to this due to missed reminders or missed legit checks, email us at and we’ll figure it out with you just as soon as we can (mostly once we’re reliably receiving email again).

At the moment, a service we use called Mailgun is down. That means that emails we send to users may not be going out, and emails you send to us may not get sent to us properly.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot we can do to mitigate this right now. If an email you need to send us bounces, please try again after Mailgun’s status is back to normal.

If a legitimacy check email we should’ve sent to you got lost as a result, we’ll do our best to resend it. That may mean you receive a duplicate, or a manual email from us – we’re not 100% sure yet what we’ll need to do.


Thanks @shanaqui! I’ll also be watching forum DMs here; please use that liberally if there’s any doubt about email getting through. It’s fine to reply here publicly too.

PS: I’m able to add data via the email bot again and I believe incoming email in general is fine but no outgoing email from us yet.

Update: emails seem to be coming through to support now, but they may be delayed. I’ve moved my usual support time later to help us catch up if need be, but we may still run behind into tomorrow. We’ll do our best to ensure nobody is charged as a result! :blue_heart:

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Everything’s working for me again! The bot acknowledged the email I sent.