Twitter handles?

Recently I’ve been getting a bit more active on Twitter via my TaskRatchet account, and would absolutely love to follow any Beeminder users. Game to share your handle? :smile:

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Sure! Personally I’m @dreev and @bee is @thatgirl though neither of us do much on Twitter personally.

As Beeminder we have:

  1. @bmndr where we’re pretty good about announcing news and taunting @stickK and whatnot
  2. @beemuvi where we tweet every user-visible change to Beeminder
  3. @beemstat which serves as our status page when we have downtime
  4. @beeminfra where we tweet infrastructure improvements (infrahancements) to Beeminder

Plus a couple others that are moribund; not sure if you’d want to follow those just in case.

Oh yeah, and everyone should follow @TaskRatchet!

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I believe you have mine, but for anyone else who is curious, I’m @shanaqui. (Warning: it’s a personal Twitter, and I’m fairly frank and open about a lot of things.)


@lady_alys although I don’t tweet about anything technical very often. Usually it’s just occasional retweets of cool stuff.

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I don’t usually tweet about Beeminder-related things (and mostly just retweet things I liked… 99.9% of which are Ethics in Bricks tweets…)

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