Customizing posts for each social media platform

Hi! I’m the Social Media Czar at Beeminder. I’d love feedback about what you’d like to see on our social media pages!

So far I’ve been trying to make the same posts on each social media platform so that any Beeminder user can choose their favorite platform and know they’re not missing anything by not following other platforms if they don’t want to. However, I know that there’s a different expectation users have about each platform as well, and I’d like to start focusing on that a little more. We’re currently active on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

My current thoughts are to include:

  • more links to useful articles on productivity, goal setting, etc. on Twitter and LinkedIn
  • more motivational quotes on Instagram and Facebook
  • the same Beeminder-specific posts on all platforms

What are your thoughts? What is your preferred platform and what do you like or not like to see there?

Thanks in advance for your input! :slightly_smiling_face: