What would you like to see on our social media pages?


Hello! My name’s Holly and I just started helping out with Beeminder’s social media and soon will be doing support, too! We’re primarily on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. What kinds of things would you like to see posted there? Some ideas are:

  • summaries of Beeminder blog posts with links
  • featured users and what they’re tracking with Beeminder (we’d love volunteers!)
  • motivational quotes
  • suggestions for new users (or new goals!)

Any other thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated as well! :slight_smile:


I’d love to see selected RTs of things people say about Beeminder on twitter. They show up in Slack anyway for us to see, but I think our users (and their success stories) can be our best advertisement sometimes.

Also, highlighting interesting discussions on the forums now and then could help people remember we have them and that they are a good resource!


Great ideas, thank you @shanaqui!! I think you’re definitely right, hearing other users’ feedback and stories can be super helpful and inspiring :smiley:

Absolutely! Remembering to visit the forum is actually something I’ve had a hard time doing myself, and seeing that an interesting conversation was happening there while scrolling through social media would be a great reminder to check back in!


Weekly update on Facebook/LinkedIn of new features (e.g a summary of the Twitter posts)


@apolyton, I’m currently posting the same things to all three sites. Do you mean you’d rather see all the posts on Twitter but only see a weekly summary of the posts on Facebook/LinkedIn? I know that people use each platform differently, so it’s great to have more insight on how it’s the most beneficial to use each one!


Oh, I bet I can guess what @apolyton meant! When he confusingly referred to “the Twitter posts” I suspect he meant these Twitter posts: twitter.com/beemuvi, which is where we tweet each new entry in our changelog, beeminder.com/changelog .


Ah, makes sense! I can definitely do that :smiley:


Yes, that’s what I meant