Two days in a row the website has became unresponsive in the evening

The beeminder websit does not load for the second night in a row, had to use the app to input data.

That’s gotta be so frustrating!

I didn’t notice any downtime in the last week.

Next time this happens, can you check


The website works on internet explorer, but does not work on chrome.

What can I do to make it work on chrome.

Does it work in Incognito mode in Chrome?

yes it works in Incognito mode.

It will load the website, but stuck for the loading for two minutes (where the loading icon keeps on spin on the tab) before it shows “oh snap” error page.

If you recently installed an extension, try disabling it, closing chrome, and trying to load beeminder again.

If you have not, maybe try this. In Chrome, type chrome://settings/siteData into the address bar. Search for Beeminder, and remove the data. This will probably log you out, but it also clears any saved settings in your browser from Beeminder.

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