Update on simple iPhone Pomodoro integrations?


Hi, is there any movement on a good iphone pomodoro integration I’m missing? It seems it should be so simple! I want to be able to track productivity with pomodoro technique on my iphone. I’ve tried all kinds of workarounds (including zapier with pomodone and toggl, using samsara mindfullness app like a pomodoro to track via apple health), but they have all been clunky so far. Ex: Pomodone app is clumsy in itself, Toggl doesn’t track pomodoros, I want to actually track meditation with samsara/ apple health. I’m finding desktop options, but want to be able to work away from my computer. Thanks for help!


Do you really need to do pomodoros on the iPhone. I’ve been using Productivity Challenge Timer for a couple of weeks and while it’s fun, I seem to be getting distracted to use my phone more.

I’ve now switched to a desktop app (PomoDone actually) although without setting up a beeminder integration (their Zapier connection is failing)


I do. I work away from my computer much of the time so need something mobile. Lots of desktop options, strange there isn’t a good mobile option yet for those of us who need it.


Why not use Beeminder’s app own timer function? Sure it’s not count down and wont stop on it’s own at 25’ (or whatever length you use), but it’s 100% integrated :slight_smile:


Yes, that works great when I’m looking for a timer! What I’m looking for is a Pomodoro timer.