Cheaper solution for beeminding pomodoros than Zapier?

I use RoundPie (formerly PomoDoneApp) as my pomodoro timer, and I link it to Beeminder via Zapier. But I can only beeminder completed pomodoros by using a paid Zapier subscription, which is $30/month. That’s ridiculous.

I originally relied on PomoDone, because it was the only solution I found that synced well across mobile and desktop. Now I don’t really need that anymore. So I’d be happy to change to a different pomodoro timer app. But a CLI script is probably not going to work for me because I don’t use the terminal at all in my day-to-day work.

ADDENDUM: The ideal solution would work on web or on Windows if the app is available from the Microsoft Store (I have a corporate device with restrictions on what I can install). iOS is also good.

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If you’re on Android, I use Clockwork Tomato for pomodoros + Tasker to report data to Beeminder. A bit involved/finicky to set up, but it works well and it’s free.


Thanks! Sadly not on Android - though if I get desperate maybe I can try using the Windows Subsystem for Android…


The two existing integrations I can think of are Toggl (which has a pomodoro option, though I don’t use it, though it may be only in the browser and app version rather than in the web version based on this page) and Trydeepwork (sort of, it does 30 minute increments as far as I can tell, which wouldn’t be a perfect match, but might work for recording it).


It’s probably overkill if all you need is to track pomodoros, but take a look at the Intend app (web interface only). It has a great Beeminder integration, including for the pomos you do at Intend. Even if you don’t need Intend’s main functionality, it costs less than what you’re currently paying by a factor of at least 3 – and @malcolm may still be offering the Beeminder user discount he offered many years ago, when I first signed up, which would make it a factor of 4 cheaper.


Intend creator here; I haven’t been offering the Beeminder discount in general but definitely if you’re mainly looking for a pomodoro tracker then seems very fair to offer you the same 25% off for linking with beeminder. DM me in the app intercom and I’ll set you up!

Intend has a very robust Beeminder integration, build on our end, that can track “all pomos” or easily do lots of more powerful stuff like tracking pomos only when they are linked to a specific area or activity.


That sounds fabulous, @malcolm! Thanks so much. Reaching out now.


After a little experimentation, Intend is excellent and it may perhaps replace my Boss as a Service subscription. However, it’s not as frictionless for tracking pomodoros as my current setup.

Therefore I’d love to see a direct RoundPie/Beeminder integration. Would the Bee team consider that? (I also wrote to RoundPie about it)