URLMinder having trouble with Google Docs links

I just set up a new URLMinder goal, intending to track wordcount in a published Google Doc. I enabled “publish to the web” my Google Doc and copied the published link to my URLMinder goal setup. When I come back to the settings later, it seems like Beeminder has persisted the “file does not exist” page for Google Docs rather than the URL I provided.

I have double-checked that my Google Doc URL is publicly readable in a private browser window, so I think there’s a bug in URLMinder here.

Eek, okay. Could you email us at support@beeminder.com with the link to the goal in question? That’ll probably be the easiest way for us to dig into this properly!

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I have a Google Doc running, where it’s not the “publish to web” functionality that creates a web version, but actually the “Share” button on the top right with “Everyone who has this link”. That one works pretty consistently for me now.