URLminder for docs

I have been wandering around this new feature of URLminder to try and see if it suits my purposes.
So by writing this, I would like to ask those more knowledgeable about the feature if I understand it correctly that there is currently no way to use it for documents which are at the same time editable by Word? (I mean one can obviously upload a Word doc to Google Docs, or download a Google doc and edit with word but that’s not the same file already). I am using a cite-as-you-write add-on for Word so I would like to continue writing my papers in Word and not in Google docs.
I have tried so far Dropbox, the Box and Google Drive shared links, but each time the URLminder fetches various word counts which are in no evident correlation with the actual word count. (I hoped for a while that the formatting will just add some predictable number or percentage I can account for easily)

And if I understand it correctly and this is not currently possible then I’d like to react to something from the latest blog post on URLminder:

If there’s demand for specific file types, like Word, it may be easy for us to convert them on our end before doing the word counts. Let us know!

Indeed! :slight_smile: