urlminder + overleaf + character count

hi there!

I just took some time to read the nice blog post at http://blog.beeminder.com/write

What about integrating Overleaf (online LaTeX editor) in the same way as drive or dropbox? That would be super cool!
Or, I’m just asking for something that already exists?

Indeed, Overleaf provides urls for projects.

Another comment on the side: please let choose between word count and characters (keystrokes) count. In EU we’re not very used to word count (instead, something like 2500 keystrokes, spaces included, is somewhat equal to one page of text).


I tried to use an overleaf url, and it didn’t work, so no, it doesn’t already exist (because the overleaf pages are very fancy html with tutorial popups and so on basically).

I also think it’d be pretty cool :slight_smile:

Support told me dropbox was the way to go for urlminding LaTeX, so I tried it - I put a symlink in my local dropbox folder to my actual .tex file, it auto-syncs, and I give beeminder the dropbox link. It definitely works quite all right [EDIT : actually, with a symlink, maybe not so right after all as it didn’t seem to update today. Poking around more now…] so, it’d be lovely, but it’s not really an issue for me that it doesn’t exist. I don’t use overleaf that much, tho.

Regarding your comment, pro-tip : words are 5 characters long, so 2500 characters is 400-500 words. And of course more configurable options are always nice to have, methinks :slight_smile:

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