Beemind Writing With Multiple Text Files

My particular use case is a LaTeX document which is separated into multiple chapters having their own .tex file each.
I could put all that on some http accessible storage and use URLMinder to count the number of words in the .tex files except that it obviously can’t mind*.tex but only one URL.

Are there any ready solutions for this or do I have to cobble something up myself?

Does it make more sense to compile it into a single doc anyway, rather than look at the markup’s word count?

Technically yes but I’ll take a good (enough) approximation with 0 effort over a correct solution with > 0 effort in this particular case.

I shall see if the build process of my LaTeX editor leaves behind a file that is a single doc (even with markup). There are ways to convert LaTeX code to txt but that’s already > 0 and I don’t mind if it is 450 words of English or 450 words of Markup that I write. Everything is better than 0 :smiley:

@adamwolf Well this is embarrassing :man_facepalming:

Turns out it can in fact count words from multiple URLs. Did not expect that. At all. I did so much not expect that that I didn’t even bother to try :confused:
It still can’t do *.tex (for obvious™ reasons) but it’s way better than what I gave it credit. Whoops.