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Using Beeminder to ensure I use what I pay for


A lot of times I’ll try out a program, like the free trial, think that I’ll use it in the future, so sign up for a $5-15/month service. But that adds up really quickly, and I usually forget to use the service much at all, so it’s just a waste of money. :grimacing:

A Beeminder goal is the perfect solution! Now I just track how much time I spend using the app or website using either RescueTime or Tasker, and log that to Beeminder. That way I either get my money’s worth of use from the program or I at least give myself enough time to fully explore the app and decide whether or not it’s useful for me. If so, I appreciate how much benefit I get from it (since I’m now prioritizing making time to use it!), and if not, I cancel. I’ve been this out lately and it’s working really well so far! :smiley:


Great idea! I have used Beeminder to make sure I return my Netflix blurays on time.


I have done a similar thing with returning video games via mail to Gamefly. It works wonderfully and ensures that I get my moneys worth.