Visual Road Editor is having a bad day

It’s completely and utterly broken. I’m not even gonna try to put this in words; I made a video instead:

This video will be up on for the next 30 days.

Eek! But also-eek: I can’t play the video.
But also-also: can you try again now?
Thanks for reporting!

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In case it’s Discourse embedding of the video that is causing you problems, here’s the direct link: Does that work better? Works just fine on Safari on macOS and that is one of the pickier browsers when it comes to video formats.

Just a glimpse of what you’re missing out on:

Notice how the road is bleeding out in the editor when scrolling and also that the road matrix table is completely unusable since it’s crammed into just a hand full of pixels. It’s more obvious in the video.

Looks like the visual road editor is back to its former self!

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Look who’s back:

I was so close to writing how nicely the visual road editor worked for me two days ago, but it seems as if it was the right call to wait with the praise :wink: