Visual Road Editor requires > 50 GiB of RAM

Once I select my goal spiht the editor gets seemingly stuck:

All I did was open the editor, switch from “Graph” to “Editor” and then select “spiht” in the dropdown.
Eventually I even got the beach ball of death. Sometimes when I switch from one browser tab back to the still loading editor I can scroll a little but it’s very jerky. Eventually the beach ball shows back up and I can’t do a thing in that tab anymore.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some loop in there that ran wild and it would still technically finish some distant time in the future.
While I’m writing my entire system is slowing down. This can’t be good.
This feels exactly like… yes… indeed. As I suspected:

54 GiB of Memory claimed by Safari (!) I wanna know what it was when you find the cause :slight_smile:


Hey @phi, thanks so much for reporting this and sorry we never replied! We’ve made a million changes to the road editor in the meantime, including some performance improvements, and I’m not currently able to reproduce this. It would be great to confirm whether you’re still seeing it!

I haven’t seen this bug ever again, no. I haven’t tried reproducing it either, however.

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