Want to help us test iOS betas?

Andy (@apb) has been working on some great fixes for Beeminder’s iOS app (which is why it updates data from Apple Health in the background now!) and we could use some testers for beta versions and fixes.

You shouldn’t see any big changes for the next beta coming out, but if you’ve been experiencing a weird bug that makes some of your graphs disappear on the iOS app from time to time, we’re hoping this’ll fix it, and would love to get help testing to see if it works and if any new problems get introduced unexpectedly.

How to Join the Beta
If you’re interested in helping us out by testing the beta, you should be able to click on: https://testflight.apple.com/join/U26BrdwB (I believe you’ll need to download the “TestFlight” app to your iOS device, if you don’t already have it.)

If you come across anything weird and can send in some feedback, that’d be great! Just send it to support@beeminder.com and we’ll make sure it gets to Andy.

And if you ever want to go back to the latest non-beta version you can just delete the app and reinstall the regular version from the app store.

Thanks to anyone who can help us test these out!



Just bumping this to the top again - there’s a new beta out that we’d really like help with testing, to verify if we have in fact tracked down the blank-screen bug that has been intermittently plaguing some people. If you don’t mind potentially switching back to the App Store version (just in the unlikely event that things go totally bonkers on the test flight version) you can download it here:

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