Nailing down the changelog for BeemiOS version 5.7

Here’s our tentative [now plausibly final] list of things! Huge thanks to @apb and @krugerk!

(And here’s the link to the latest beta version – Join the Beeminder beta - TestFlight - Apple – if you want to try it out before it hits the app store [now in the app store!].)

  1. There’s now a cancel button in the search bar to make it easier to go back to showing all goals [gissue#53, PR#65] :heavy_check_mark:
  2. Graph images on the gallery screen no longer flicker when the screen is first loaded or when you pull to refresh. #bugfix [gissue#43, PR#103] :heavy_check_mark:
  3. You can now see more than one goal in the Today widget [gissue#92, PR#93] :heavy_check_mark:
  4. Additional images and tweaks to make dark mode look a little better [gissue#94, PR#95] :heavy_check_mark:
  5. Better sorting of goals to show which can be linked to Apple Health (sections: “Manual”, “Connected to Apple Health”, “Other Autodata Goals”) :heavy_check_mark:
  6. Instructions on the screen for linking to Apple Health (“Associate a HealthKit metric with your goal…”) :heavy_check_mark:
  7. Pull-to-refresh works on the Apple Health screen [gissue#85, PR#122] :heavy_check_mark:
  8. Added some padding around the Infinibee logo in the app icon [gissue#25, PR#139] :heavy_check_mark:
  9. The app badge now goes away if you log out of Beeminder. #bugfix :heavy_check_mark:
  10. We no longer remind you to unlock your phone for health data if the app is in foreground [gissue#44, PR#78] :heavy_check_mark:
  11. Sorting by recent data in the gallery now actually does so. #bugfix [gissue#100, PR#101] :heavy_check_mark:
  12. Thumbnail widget used as placeholder in the Today Widget if there’s nothing to show [PR#104] :heavy_check_mark:
  13. Prettier log-in / sign-up screen with better errors [PR#110] :heavy_check_mark:
  14. You can now view/edit a goal in a webview and then hit “done” to go back to the normal app but never actually leave the app [PR#128] :heavy_check_mark:
  15. Same for creating a new goal! This piggybacks on the website but very seamlessly so users’ perspective is you can create goals in the app now! [PR#119] :heavy_check_mark:
  16. Less crashing! At least we fixed one particular kind of crash. #bugfix [gissue#56] [involved “layout updates on background thread”] :heavy_check_mark:
  17. Negative UVI: no more 3rd-party login (long Apple-y story) [gissue#67, gissue#73, PR#107] :heavy_check_mark:
  18. The checkmark for your health metric selection used to disappear when you hit save. #bugfix [gissue#116, PR#121] :heavy_check_mark:
  19. The placeholder image that’s displayed on the goal screen until the graph loads was itself taking awhile to load; now it’s shown immediately. #bugfix [PR#82] :heavy_check_mark:
  20. Fixed a glitch with scrolling on the goal screen of Apple Health autodata goals (maybe just on small screens). #bugfix [PR#99] :heavy_check_mark:
  21. Improvements to the open-source code repository itself, like elaborating on contributor guidelines [PR#138] :heavy_check_mark:
For Posterity (user-invisible or not part of 5.7)

Specify Background Fetch minimum [PR#129]

Enable modern ATS security settings [gissue#91, PR#105]

Provide launchscreen as Storyboard [gissue#66, PR#83]

And to avoid confusion with replies below, here are original numberings for some of the items in the above list:

Originally #15, not part of this release: Goals are sorted according to the sort-goals-by preference not only in the list displayed on the gallery but also in the lists displayed on configureNotifications and healthKitConfig [PR#58] (But is that user-visible and what exactly is the sort-goals-by preference?)

Originally #17, probably not user-visible: different gem for iOS push notifications [gissue#1401, PR#1412]

Originally #16, not part of this release: Bugfix: Entering app from notification actually opens the screen of that goal [PR#60]

Originally #9: no longer remind you to unlock (now #10)

Originally #7: padding on the infinibee (now #8)

Originally #6: pull-to-refresh (now #7)

Originally #4: dark mode

Originally #3: multiple goals in Today Widget

Originally #2: flicker

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Here are a few quick comments

15 - was a PR but was closed without being merged. (that is, it is not part of Version 5.7) There is a setting in the app specifying how to sort the goals and it was being used to sort the goals in the gallery but not the other two lists of goals. The PR mentioned in 15 used that setting for all three lists.

17 sounds non user-visible to me

16 - also closed without being merged and thus not part of 5.7

9 - the #44 could link to the gissue

7 - this is gissue 25

6 - #85 refers to the ticket number and could be linked

4 - we could call it “app supports dark mode” but it was not explicitly disabled before but now contains some images that are easier to look at in dark mode

3 there is a ticket for this on gh

2 there is a ticket for this on gh

After fetching all remote commits, run
$ git log --oneline 5.6.4...5.7 --no-merges
to see the list of changes between those two tags locally
or in the browser

Shall the entries be sorted by importance? Relevance? Timeline?

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That is some really nice gitfu to get the changes between two tags. When I pasted it though it turned the ... into an ellipsis so here’s the text literal:

git log --oneline 5.6.4...5.7 --no-merges

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Here is another list. It does not contain all changes to the repository but should contain most of the user-facing ones.
Sorted by order they trickled into what was to become 5.7 (cancel in search, first; padding around bee, most recent)

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I see the ellipsis character in your text literal.

Better to copy mine and paste it without formatting (shift command v)


How annoying! I updated mine too.

:tada: Version 5.7 is now in the app store!

For reference / comparison, here are the highlights as written in the release notes:

  • There’s now a cancel button in search bar to make it easier to go back to showing all goals
  • Images on the gallery screen no longer flicker
  • You can now see more than one goal in the Today widget
  • Additional images and tweaks to make dark mode look a little better
  • Updates to the process of linking a goal to Apple Health: better sorting of goals to indicate which ones can be linked, instructions on the screen, and the checkmark no longer disappears
  • Added some padding around the bee in the app icon
  • Bugfix: the app badge now goes away if you log out of Beeminder

Hi @dreev, thank you Beeminder team for the new fancy update. Love the improvement but I don’t know why the setting icon on the top right corner is missing from sight! I can still navigate to setting by touching that area but it’s weird to miss the icon.
From iphone 6 running iOS 12.4.8

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Thanks @tithuytrang

It might be that there is the dark icon there on the dark background and thus it cannot be seen.

The issue has been reported at github.


Hi @tithuytrang,

Aside from the missing icons, what else sticks out to you about the settings screen?

Up until your report I had only ever viewed the app as it appears on iOS 13 devices and am not accustomed to seeing the settings screen so … light.


Thanks again for the report.

The fix should be available in the next app release.


Thanks for addressing this bug! Yeah, I also find the setting interface a bit too light, the text doesn’t stand out from the white background. It has happened since previous versions to me, if I remember correctly. As this is a tiny bug I didn’t mention to you.

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Oh by the way, now I recognize most icons in settings are missing too, this only happens in this new version. Guess this is the same kind of theme bug with missing gear icon in the main interface.

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correct. most of the icons are missing on ios12. same issue and fix as above.

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ah! as far as I am concerned, feel free to mention every single ‘eyesore’, papercut, or suggestion/comment you may have. We can make this the best beeminder for ios app yet!


Hey! I saw in the changelog that there were new images to make dark mode better, but I’m on the newest version, and the bee loading graphic is still on a white background, albeit one that fuzzes into blackness. Maybe this is really a call for a dark mode beeminder logo.

I’m talking about the splash screen as well as the placeholder image while goals are still loading, both on the home screen and the goals detail page.

Sorry if this has been reported already! It just bugs me and therefore counts as an eyesore :slight_smile:


Hello again @universick,

Yeah it is true - an initial “support dark mode” included swapping out the placeholder there from a big white background with the bee in the middle to a mostly darkened one.

Which sort of graph placeholder might you anticipate in dark mode? What might it look like?

BTW from the slug it seems this might be a You Need A Budget goal. +1 for YNABing. :smiley:

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