Website keeps logging me out every few days

I’m on Safari, 3rd party cookies are disabled, I got a content blocker for blocking ads but that’s it. No particular JS blocker or anything for that matter. And no additional removal of cookies. So why do I have to log back in every once in a while? Closing the browser and restarting does not seem to affect this in any way. I am just as logged in or logged out as I was before.

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Thanks so much for reporting this! I’ve heard of it happening before but it’s never happened to me personally so I’m not sure what might be going on with this. Our intention is to never force a logout at all.

Eager to see if others chime in to confirm they’re having this happen to them!

is there anything we could turn on in the browser to log something that would help you chase this down?

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Good question! Not that I know of but this is more @bee’s or @adamwolf’s domain. As cold-hearted CEO though, I’m going to tell them not to prioritize it unless others chime in since my first guess is it’s some idiosyncrasy with your browser.

My only question to ask while it’s still fresh is “how are you logging in?” A username/password? Google? One of the other login methods?

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Also happens on mobile Safari

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I see that the remember_user_token is set once and not updated. Why is that/how does it work? Could a workaround be rolling its expiration forward every time an user requests something? Eg:

User logs in: remember_user_token set to expire k days from now
User opens beeminder two days later: remember_user_token would expire in k-2 days, set its expiration to k days from now again


Happened again just now.

Do you ever log out on a different browser, computer, etc.? I find that if I log out anywhere if logs me out everywhere (except the apps).

Nope. Never. And there is nobody else on my network either.

Look who else ran into this (a while back):

It sure phils like this aphects only a phew users. Iph only it was known what they haphe in common :thinking:


@eugeniobruno is right. There’s a login cookie of sorts that expires and which (iirc from the last time I investigated) is set by something inside rubyonrails rather than in our code.