Needing to sign into a lot

Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems like I have been getting logged out of a lot more in the last few weeks than I ever did before. Is it possible something changed with cookie expiration? I am not seeing this on any other websites so I am not suspecting it is something I did, but could it be?


I think this might be related to the refresh button on a goal. I can trigger a logout by clicking the button on a tab that has been open a while, even if I just signed in in another tab.

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Thanks for the alert on this! Nothing changed with cookies. And the refresh button theory is not making any sense to me. Keep letting us know if you have more clues! I never have to re-sign-in on the website, which is as we intend.

How do you authenticate?

I use my Beeminder username/password, and have to re-sign-in every two weeks.


Are there any debug logs that you can think might be useful? This happens almost every day so it shouldn’t be hard to find if we knew where to look.

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