Weekminder: beemind differently on weekends and weekdays

Hi folks!

If you’re anything like me, your life on weekdays is very different from your life on weekends. For me, weekdays are days of being productive at work, while weekends are days of having lots of free time and learning new things.

The problem is that I also like to live on the edge: almost every day is an eep day for most of my goals. I’m a procrastinator after all, that’s why I use Beeminder in the first place.

Because of this, I ended up in a situation where I couldn’t increase the rate for some of my goals even though I had plenty of time to do them during the weekends because I knew I would procrastinate and not be able to handle the increased rate on weekdays.

So I decided to write a script to set different yellow brick road slopes depending on the day of the week!

Here it is: GitHub - AdrienLE/Weekminder

An example of goal for which I use it: https://www.beeminder.com/adrienle/goals/personal (this is my goal for working on personal projects… such as writing beeminder scripts :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hope this is useful! As far as I know no such feature or script exists elsewhere (am I wrong?).


Cool stuff! :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone has released anything which took your approach of having the script control the road all the time. There is one around (and I briefly attempted to make one) which injects overrides to the road while still allowing you to control the default slope from the regular Beeminder UI, but this is a lot more fiddly to get right.

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+1 heart for the emphatic caveat at the beginning :slight_smile:


Brilliant work, @adrienle! Thanks for making this available! Of course I have highly mixed feelings since we’re so anxious to make this moot by supporting it in the interface. (: But I highly approve of not waiting for us. Despite the near certainty of our fabled Road Editor happening eventually, we have no reasonable timeline for it.

Here’s the other version, by @mary, that @drtall referred to:


Awesome, thanks for the reference to the other script! Can’t wait for this to be officially supported :).


Yup, now you know what all those issues were about. Hope the warning will prevent people from causing the same problems. Thanks again for your help when I was working on this :).