Weight loss cumulative weight Y axis

Hi Team,

I feel like I’m clearly missing something here.

I have read the blogs about why Beeminder cumulative adds figures into the Y-Axis and I can see why this would work for certain goals.

But my goal is to track weight loss over a time a few months with the aim of going from 90kg to 80kg in a few months.

I entered my 2nd entry from Apple Health, however the Y axis is cumulatively adding the number from my latest weigh in.

This doesn’t seem right. Surely the idea is for me to follow the red slope. Not continuously move away from it.

Can anyone help.

Apologies if this has been answered many times on here.


Hi! The weight loss goal type isn’t cumulative, so you would want to use that specifically for weight tracking goals. It sounds like you might have chosen a Do More goal instead of the weight specific ones – do you have any thoughts on what tripped you up there?

In theory, the weight goals should advertise themselves pretty well since the goal types are “gain weight” and “lose weight”, but if something was unclear there then that’d be really useful to hear! Or maybe you thought you were setting up one of those, in which case it might’ve been a misclick, or possibly a local storage problem (if you browse other Beeminder pages in another tab during goal creation, the storage of your goal settings gets scrambled)?

If you remember, that’d be useful to hear!

In any case, the best thing to do would be to delete the Do More goal you’ve started and set up a new one, using the weight goal option. If you still have any trouble with that, we’d love to dig in!