Cumulative vs Average Y axis

Hey y’all. I’m wondering how to change my Y axis on my sleeping goal (to get more than 6 hours of sleep a night) from a cumulative figure to an average. Right now it’s just adding up my hours as they’re entered and thus creating a sloped graph. I would like my graph to look more or less like a straight horizontal line with little dips and peaks here and there for when I get fewer / more hours of sleep (with a Y axis between 0-12). I’m not sure if this is possible since I believe I set the goal as a ‘Do more’ goal but maybe one of you will be able to tell me. Thanks


I’m not sure this is possible with anything built into Beeminder.

I’m working, very slowly, on a side project that uses Google Sheets to allow folks to do some “quick and dirty” graphs of their data for things that aren’t really built into Beeminder, but it would assume passing familiarity with Google Sheets/Excel. Would that be something that would be interesting to you? (It’s totally ok to say, “No thanks, I want it built in or nothing!”)


Just wanted to also chime in to point to the classic post, thanks to @grayson, arguing why Beeminder focuses on cumulative graphs: Baby Got Bonus. (Even though it’s not quite as applicable for something like amount of sleep.)

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