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What do SMS reminders look like in your client?

Someone’s pointed out that iOS messaging does this really ugly thing with links from the SMS bot where it inserts a preview of the link into the chat history, which is all bloated and ugly.

Maybe there’s a setting in iOS that could turn that behavior off? But possibly we shouldn’t be including an http:// with the links we send? How do other SMS/messaging apps deal with the links in the SMS reminders? I wouldn’t want to screw everyone else up just for the sake of iPhone users.

Here’s what mine look like in Android gchat:



Nope; there’s no iOS setting for this. The setting allows you to choose between turning previews on all the time or seeing the “tap to load preview” thing all the time. You can’t just have it show you the damned link.

Are there any messaging apps out there that are tripped up by just removing the “http://”? If not, seems like we might gain 7 characters worth of space and stop that behaviour.

Unless some like that behaviour? I super-hate it, but maybe most people like to see the colour of their graph in the message? If so, it might be useful for those who have previews turned on?


Is it still clickable without the protocol? I don’t really use the notifications directly; but, if I did, I could see the ability to click on the link being quite useful. Otherwise I’d have to select the url, copy it, open my browser, and paste it in, which is quite a lot of work just to open a link.

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