SMS problems

I haven’t been receiving text message reminders today. When I tried to enter data this morning, I received an appropriate error message because of the upgrades. I tried again this afternoon and received this back:

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Thanks so much for the alert! Looks like we broke this last night amidst all the chaos. Stand by! And keep letting us know of problems you see; hugely helpful.

My RunKeeper goal won’t refresh.

Can you confirm if the SMS bot is back to normal now? And does RunKeeper eventually refresh or is it totally stuck? (Thanks for the debugging help!)

The SMS bot is working normally now, as far as I can tell. I’ve received a reminder and entered data successfully.

I tried refreshing the RunKeeper goal from the dashboard, got an error message. I tried again, no error message, but not updated either. I went to the goal page and tried refreshing there, no error message, not updated. Couldn’t think of any other places to find refresh buttons.

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