What does "reuse the slug" mean?

In the setting of each goal, above the delete button it says

“Since you have less than a week of data, you can immediately and completely delete this goal. This will also allow you to reuse the slug.”

What does that mean?

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The “slug” is the url for the goal. .e.g floss in https://www.beeminder.com/drtall/floss . If you archive a goal it still keeps its slug (url) forever. But delete really deletes it.

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so how many slugs can I have as a core member?

Officially 3 goals, though there are ways to get more. Anyone particularly curious about the nitty gritty of this, we’ve worked out how we’re going to make this all less confusing with goalnames and slugs and whatnot. But that will be after our big upcoming redesign.

So what is the best way to change slug name? I made an url called /reading_non_fiction, but I want to change it to English_non_fiction since I read more than just English books.

Should I delete this goal and create a new one or is there a way to modify the url (slug)?

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Okay, I read here that the only way to change the URL is to get a premium plan. So I change the URL just by purchasing one month of Infinibee for $4 and the URL will be changed permanently?

Actually I don’t know which premium plan is required to rename goals. It’s no longer listed as a premium feature on the website (or was it ever?).

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Sorry this is currently a pain! Some background on this:

But if you have a new goal that you accidentally named wrong, just email us at support@beeminder.com and we’ll get you sorted. (If you haven’t added any data yet then it may in fact be easier to delete and recreate but it’s super easier for us in the admin interface if you email support too!)

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