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Is it possible to change the slug of an archived goal without unarchiving it?

I have an archived goal which I’d like to revive. However, instead of simply unarchiving it, I’d prefer to rename it to something like “goal-old” and set up a new goal.

I can change the slug of an active goal, but is it possible to rename an archived goal?

OTOH, maybe I’m doing it wrong, and I should just unarchive the old goal, possibly using the “fresh start” feature? (Does it do anything besides changing the graph’s “min-x” to today?) Any suggestions?

If you know how to program you can do it via the API.

See also:

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How cool is that! You’re right, it worked! (For the curious, here’s the relevant part of the api docs:

Thanks a lot!

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This is no longer possible (changing goalnames (aka ‘slug’) via the api), but you can change the goalname and a few other settings on archived goals now, via the website.

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