What's the difference between being "on the good side of the road" and being in the "right lane"?

Hi! Glad to be back on Beeminder. Worked well for me the last time I lost weight. Then I stopped using it, put everything back on, and you know the drill. Anyway. Great program, already working for me.

I had a question about the Legend. it says that Green Datapoints indicate that you’re on the “good side of the road” and Blue Datapoints indicate the “right lane” (Orange is “wrong lane” and Red is “off the road”). What’s the difference between being on the good side of the road and being in the right lane?


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Good question! This is slightly in flux right now but the intention is for the colors to simply represent how many safe days (days where you can get away with doing nothing, or reporting nothing).

  • Red = <24h till derailment
  • Orange = derailing tomorrow
  • Blue = derailing the day after tomorrow
  • Green = 3+ safe days (eg, get green by Friday and you’re safe till Monday)

Ah - thanks! That makes sense. Thanks for the quick reply!

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