What's up with Gitminder?

I have Gitminder set up. Yesterday I deleted a bunch of repos and initiated one, checked the graph — I get whooping 3 points. OK, I manually lowered the amount. Today I made a commit — 2 points. What’s up with all this generosity?

PS: Uploaded the graph above. Again from 18th to 19th I initiated one repo and added one commit later. I lowered some of the values, still it’s more than should be.

PS2: Does it award 2 points by default? Is there any documentation about it?

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This definitely doesn’t sound like the intended behavior! It should just be tracking commits. This is the first report I’ve seen of something like this though. Is there anything about the goal or possibly time zones that’s out of the ordinary? That’s my best guess is that the commit(s) happened around midnight or there’s maybe a mismatch between your github time zone and the Beeminder time zone.

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Thanks. I’ll look into this.

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I’ve been watching it for some time and there are a couple of quirks that bother me:

  • It does seem to be taking the initial commit as two of them. I have wild guess it could be related to initiating GitHub repo with initial files through the interface (I do that) but it’s still one commit. I can’t test it right now.

  • I did a merge to master today. Noticed a critical issue. Amended the merge commit and force pushed it. I know it’s bad but people do that more than they care to admit. Gitminder counted this one commit as 5 (there were 4 commits in the branch). I’m not sure whether it occured on merge itself or after the force update, but I seem to remember a simple merge being OK before. GitHub counts two contributions in that repo today i.e. pre-force commit and it’s variant after forced update - so Github kinda looked through all my playing with force updates and counted the right amount of commits somehow.

  • How hard it is making contributions goal? Especially as far as GitHub already ensures it’s counted correctly.

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