Why Beeminder is transfering data about my activity to Facebook? What is transferred?

I just discovered a hidden Facebook view at https://www.facebook.com/off_facebook_activity/activity_list showing who is sharing your data with Facebook.

To my surprise I found Beeminder there. How can I opt out from that? Facebook directs to data takeout ( https://www.facebook.com/dyi/ ), where no category matches off facebook activities.

I know that there is “Turn off future activity from beeminder.com” but I expect that it will solely hide it from me, without further effects.

Has anybody figured out how can I see what was shared there?

I am guessing that it falls under “those that assist us with our marketing efforts (e.g. by providing tools for identifying a specific marketing target group or improving our marketing campaigns)” ( https://www.beeminder.com/terms#privacy ) - but it is just a guess.

Hi @beeminder_user! Thanks for this message.

Beeminde connects with Facebook in two ways.

First, Beeminder offers Facebook as a way to log in. You’d know if you set this up, and you can also remove it from your profile if you don’t like it.

Second, Beeminder has run advertising on Facebook before, and as part of that, we’ve got Facebook analytics on our webpages. This helps us know how effective each ad was. Its job is to correlate folks seeing Facebook ads for Beeminder and then later signing up for Beeminder, for instance.

How you opt-out is actually in our Privacy Policy that you linked!

Analytics & Advertising : Facebook tracking, used to determine success of Facebook advertisements. As of May 25, 2018, the Facebook pixel is not used when DoNotTrack header is enabled.

(I think most any adblockers you configure is going to block these analytics as well as actual advertisements.)

I’m not sure how you can get a copy of the ten interactions out of Facebook, but it shouldn’t be any different than any other website with Facebook as a way to log in, or that has run Facebook ads before. Does anyone else know?

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