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Why Beeminder likes cumulative graphs

Grayson Bray Morris, novelist and StickK-to-Beeminder convert, has a wonderful blog post – Baby Got Bonus – that describes beautifully the psychological value of Beeminder’s cumulative graphs. You don’t even have to read it; just take a look at the two illustrations she drew and the point will immediately be clear!


I know @grayson already blogged this but it’s so good, especially with the adorable illustrations, that I think it should be repeated as a Beeminder blog post. Ideally we’d convince @grayson to do that as a guest post but we could also do our own version and point to the original.

I’m mainly saying this as an excuse to tag this #blog so we can search the forum for blog post ideas in the future and have this come up.


I loved these two graphs. I think they should be added to FAQ or newbies area. This short post, in my opinion, is simple and concise. I love it.
I would also love to see similar explanations for each goal type.