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Why Dec 31 is a better deadline than Jan 1

Really interesting link on the impact of time categorization on task initiation. People are more likely to initiate a task when the deadline is categorized in a like-the-present category (same month or year) than in an unlike-the-present category.


I know my brain does this weird thing where if something is the second, I subconsciously push it off because “that’s next month.” I can be saying this on the 29th. Sometimes a deadline being on the first will cut through this effect, but not always.

I it’s kind of comforting to know that it’s not just me.


Wow, fascinating! How did you stumble upon this article from 2014?


If this is a genuine question, I’m not sure how one would AVOID finding articles from years in the past online. I find myself reading things from even the early 2000s not infrequently; the beauty of blogs, in all their bygone glory, is that they generally remain in one place and (if interesting) have been linked to from many other locations and show up in searches, so it’s quite easy to encounter wisdom from the ancient past.


He’s just giving me shit because he knows I have 3000 tabs to deal with, lol

:heart: :heart_eyes:


:rofl: The question was genuine, because sometimes the paths that lead us to these things can be as or more interesting than the things in themselves, I found. That people find older articles sometimes is trivial but how a specific one is unearthed can be interesting to know.


So if you were born in the first half of some month and your sibling was a second-half-of-month baby, now you know they really did always get better birthday presents, and why.


I went back and looked… I found that blog because Slate Star Codex linked to this article: