Why do all my goals suddenly have midnight set to real midnight?

Yesterday it was ok: my carefully crafted waterfall scheme of progressing “midnight” settings was in place. Today, out of the sudden, everything is reset to 00:00. What’s happening?

(If something went wrong with the server update or something, it’s fine: I have my midnights written down in one of my Org files. But this is strange.)


Thanks so much for the alert! We’re doing a major database upgrade and it looks like we broke things. :frowning: So sorry! Stand by; we won’t be sleeping till we have it sorted out…


Thanks, I’ll be patient (and won’t try to set them manually for now). I’m at least in yellow with all my goals (wow, probably for the first time in my Beeminder life!), so I can afford patience.:wink: (Dunno about others. :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Seems they’re back! You’re fast, thanks!

Yes, we believe we’ve restored all the deadlines. Also some reminder start times and lead days and pledge caps got briefly overwritten when we did this big upgrade and server move. We believe everything is back to normal now – other than the 5 unrelated things we broke. Blow-by-blow: http://twitter.com/beemstat