Goals have wrong color and "do less" goal did not get updated

Something weird happened to my goals. I have several for which today is a beemergency, but I see them as orange:

And my bedtime “do less” goal is “stuck” on yesterday:

I have not submitted any data to my bedtime goal today. So there should be an arrow pointing to the right for today and not an orange data point. The rate of the goal is 22.25 per day, with autoratchet set to a max buffer of 24. So the goal should have a hard cap of +24 now, and not of +1.75

Perhaps a recent bug that introduced some timezone issue? Here it is 6:55 am right now. I am in the CET (Central European Time) timezone.

The “Hard Cap By Day” box for the bedtime goal also looks wrong:

Shouldn’t the first day listed be “Today” and not “Yesterday”?


I’m also seeing this.

It seems to be fixed now.

Did anyone intervene? Or did this issue somehow resolve itself?

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Is it possible you’re getting bit by some pretty unintuitive beehavior that was pointed out to me in support email, where times after the deadline are treated as the next day?

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I don’t think so. I’ve had those goals for a while and never noticed anything like that before. And today I didn’t have that issue either. Yesterday was the one and only time I noticed it.

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Seems like the latter, disconcertingly! Keep letting us know when you see this happen and let’s get @bee looped in too.

I did intervene on your goals, @davitenio, but the root cause is all fine too, our background job queues were backed up from our downtime earlier in the day.


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