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Why does Beeminder threaten +1 due in 1 day when there's still 10 days to the bright red line?

EDIT: Ok dum dum me I figured this out, but will leave this post up for feedback to beeminder, inc. I was misinterpreting when “today” starts on the graph. Perhaps beeminder could be improved to more clearly mark “today” on the graph.

I have a goal to check my car’s oil once a week. (I just now changed it to 2 times per month, but that’s irrelevant to the question.) The graph suggests I need to do “+1 due in 1d 13h or pay $0”. Why would this be the case when I have so many buffer days? And why is today’s (purple) line so long?

Hmm, interesting! What were you reading as “today”, then? The line itself should be showing you where today is: the end of the horizontal line, with the arrowhead, is ‘today’. (There’s also the x-axis itself, which shows you Jul 7th is right below where the tip of the arrow is, but that’s a bit less obvious – for me, at least.) It’d be really useful to know what you were misreading!

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I was reading the June 28 data point as today, and thinking this was one of my goals with a lot of buffer.