Why hasn't this goal auto-ratcheted?

This goal has auto-ratcheting set to 35 days.

Screenshot 2023-02-19 at 12.44.06 PM

Currently it has more than 50 days due to several recent datapoints:

Why hasn’t it yet ratcheted down to 35 days?

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Iirc, autoratcheting happens at deadline time rather than with each datapoint.


Yeah, I think your right. My feeling was that it already had enough buffer to ratchet prior to the deadline, but I guess I could be wrong about that.

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This is correct! So I would guess that the datapoints squeaked in and hadn’t yet put you over that limit. But let us know if it doesn’t work after your next deadline!


@shanaqui thanks for the confirmation on that! Just checked this morning and it still hasn’t ratcheted. :thinking: What should I try next to debug it?


Hmm, can you email us about it? Then I can put it in @bee’s queue to take a closer look. On first glance, I can’t figure it out, unless it’s confused by weekends off and refusing to ratchet because of the flat spot… but I don’t think that should be happening. :thinking: