Why not each pick a challenge for November?

Hi hive!

We’re creeping towards November, and for a lot of us, that means beeminding NaNoWriMo. But if you’re not into writing or don’t have a writing project right now, why not grab onto the spirit of it anyway?

Is there a project that you could pull out of your someday/maybe bucket, dust off, and wrap up before the end of November? Something that would leave you feeling that “Wow, I did that!” feeling that NaNoWriMo-ers often feel at the end of a successful push? Is there a project that’s so close to done and just needs that final shove to close off? Or maybe there’s something you’re already beeminding and you’d like to make a race for the finish line on while there’s that collective “Get something big done” energy in the air?

I’m going to push through a rough rewrite, from scratch, of my dissertation in November (wish me luck!) and I’ll post the link to the goal on the first.

How about you? Any ideas on how to harness daily steps through the coming month in the service of a big project you’d like to get done? If so, I’m curious! And I’d love the motivation of knowing others are toiling on projects at the same time!


I love this.

In relation of previous discussion on short term goals, i’ve been more mindfull to create such goals. I did one for the book club, finishing the Willpower Instinct book. Now i’ve started one for migrating a server, with a goal ending on 28/11. It’s a tedious job, so beeminder helps in gamifying it a bit as well as (more importantly) tracking small progress over a period of time.

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As promised, this is the link to the goal: https://www.beeminder.com/chipmanaged/nadiswrimo

It’s very heavily weighted to the end of the month, but I intend to change that once the course preps and grading that need to be finished before I can dive in completely are done. Until then, the time I can work on it is undetermined, so I want to play it safe, and ramp it up the second I can.

It’s gonna be a heck of a month!


Good luck!

My 7-weeks 4000-words assignment-writing goal seems miniscule in comparison :smiley:

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The server goal has started well so far :slight_smile:


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Well, it’s a RE-write, not a clean start, so that makes it slightly smaller.
I’m genuinely worried about whether I can make this goal happen, so it’s going to push me quite a bit out of my comfort zone!


You’re over a third of the way there!

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Always start with the easy ones first! :smiley: :smiley:

Hmmm. Maybe I need a November goal for finishing some of my in-progress blankets…


So how are you guys doing?

Server migration going good

Assignment writing not so much


I did not make a goal, because I suck, but it is also a good thing because having two baby bunnies has rather put a damper on any crocheting. Full time bunny watching!


Not great so far! I had to push my start date back (after the akrasia horizon, of course) due to not properly planning out my teaching and grading tasks, but I’m still going to see if I can pull it off. It’s quite a tall order now, but I’m gambling the $5 on it anyway, to see just how close I can get.

Congrats on the great job with the server migration!

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