Wrong Date, linking to external tracker and setting goals

I just signed up for bee minder today and find it terribly difficult to navigate. I am having a few issues:

First, I can’t sort out how to link my beeminder account to my rescuetime account. It says that I can select one of the external trackers above, but there are none listed above. When I typed in Rescue time, it asked for a few different URLs, which I also didn’t understand. This seems too complicated.

Second, I’ve noticed that both my computer Beeminder and the app on my phone say Fri for today, but it is Wednesday. There doesn’t seem to be any way to change this. Any suggestions?

Last, when I signed up, I read that I could create up to three goals without going premium. However, anytime I try to do anything beyond my basic first goal, it asks for my credit card, which feels invasive when I am new to this and trying it on for size. Is there any way around this?

Thank you for your help!


Hi Kuskus,

I am a Beeminder fan, and I can help you out with at least one of your

Beeminder is in the middle of some UI revamps. Things are getting better!
The jargon is getting simpler, and the “rough edges” are getting worn down,
but it certainly isn’t perfect.

Beeminder almost certainly knows that it’s Wednesday, but I suspect you’re
seeing that you’ve done enough whatevers for 2 more days. Is that possibly
what you’re seeing?

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It’s possible. My goal is to workout 4x/week. So that would make some
sense. However, it is super confusing and doesn’t provide an explanation
for why it is indicated as Friday…

Hmm. What part says Friday? The text in the background of the graph?

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Yep :slight_smile:

The “Fri” watermark on the graph image is because Friday is the next time you absolutely must do something for this goal. (You can always do it earlier, but friday is the latest you can do it without “derailing” the goal).

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