Zeno polling to a Slack channel

Beeminder bot sends a different kind of a reminder depending on whether the reminder is sent to a channel or as a direct message. A reminder sent to a channel does not contain any details, it just states that a particular user is going to have deadline soon. The idea is presumably that channels are shared, so the bot does not disclose personal information.

However, Slack provides better configuration options for channels compared to direct messages. I can choose different notification settings for mobile and desktop. This is not possible for direct messages. My Slack workspace is only for my personal use, so there is no particular issue of privacy.

I would like the option to send reminder details to a Slack channel.


I think that the difference is based on whether or not your goal is private. If it’s private we suppress all the details, otherwise I think that the content of the DM and the channel post should be the same.

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