New Slack to chat about Beeminder, quantified self, etc.

Hey all,

I’ve just created a new Slack. The main idea is to have a place where we could make use of Slack integrations (for Beeminder, IFTTT, Zapier, RescueTime, etc) to post to an accountbeelity stream, but I’ve added other channels for chatting about Beeminder, QS stuff, apps, etc. (There’s a random channel, as well. You know, for cat gifs.)

If you want to join up, just DM me your email address with “slack” in the subject, and I will send you an invite asap. And feel free to invite others once you’re in!

Current channels:
Chat about Beeminder and Beeminding (Note that this is NOT a support channel. I’m just a user, and this is just for fun.)

Use this to shame yourself into doing things, to show off the things you’ve done, or both, this is a place to send IFTTT/Zapier alerts, Beeminder zeno alerts, RescueTime notices focused work session notices, or anything else you want to be accountable for or share.

A place to talk about new apps, old apps, ways to use apps more effectively or in fun ways, etc.

A place to discuss QS in all its forms



woot woot woot death to IRC haha :slight_smile:

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The IRC channel still exists if you like your chat old skool

(And you don’t need to email for an invite, just come on by!)


Hi all,

The Slack is starting to pick up speed. It’s interesting and motivating to see what others are up to!

And now you can join by signing up on this handy Google form, thanks to the friendly and fun @peppertoni, who created it for us.