Binary-type goal?


Half of my beeminder goals are binary, in the sense that the data I’m tracking is a yes/no answer to the question “did I do the thing [leave the house, do laundry, etc] today?” Thus the only datapoint I ever add is “1”, to indicate I did, in fact, do the thing. Now that autofill is dead (long live autofill), I have to click the “+” and submit every time I want to mark the thing as done, which doesn’t sound like much, but I have hand problems, so I try to avoid mouse movements as much as possible.

Does anyone else have goals of this format? If it’s a reasonably common goal type, it might be worth considering adding a “checkmark” goal type to the current list of goal types, where hitting “Add Progress” would always just add one to the graph.


Or just default the value to 1 for any goal with aggday = binary or aggday = count.


Another characteristic I’d expect of a “checkmark” goal is for integery to be turned on by default.


Little bit off topic: Is that (= making a goal integery) btw. something I can activate now as an infinibee? And how?


You need custom goals for that, which is a feature of Bee Plus at $16/mo. Though it’s much cheaper the more you buy, as I’m sure you’ve seen on the premium page.


I also have goals in which I add an explicit zero or one, for which pressing the rather than the + would be handy.


For goals where I only ever enter one at a time, I used Push by Zapier, a google chrome extension. Adding one to a goal required two clicks from anywhere in the browser (less than 2 clicks/goal if writing to multiple goals at a time). I was happy with it for a while, but I did stop using this process, because I had to sign in to Zapier more often than was worth it for the number of goals (two) I was updating there, and I found the andriod app to be just as easy.


Can also use the IFTTT button to make adding ‘the usual’ datapoint a quick exercise.

Our Android app also supports widgets, but as an iPhone person I can’t check whether they also make it super-simple to add a +1.


The desktop widgets that are part of the Beeminder Android app make this quite nice: you can make the default amount be +1 and then it’s 2 taps from the desktop (once to open the goal, again for the submit button).

The IFTTT button is especially slick and can be one tap right from the desktop.


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