How to beemind nebulous projects like doing your taxes or fixing a neurosis

  1. Create a blank document to serve as a diary or engineering log for your progress
  2. Create an URLminder goal to beemind the wordcount of that document
  3. Start by describing the problem and listing tasks
  4. Add an entry each day (or however often Beeminder makes you) describing what you tried, what’s working, what you’ll try next
  5. When you’re ready to declare the project a success, hit archive
  6. Use the last week when Beeminder still has you on the hook to add a summary and post-mortem
  7. You can also add a draft of a Beeminder forum post describing what you did and what you learned!

For best results, share your log/diary/document with a friend or friends or even publicly.
(Adding supporters in Beeminder can help too.) That way you’ll be too ashamed to exploit the loophole of blathering on about what you might do without actually ever doing it.


I really like this! It maps onto several things for me:

  1. The Captain’s Log, which is a system for reflecting out loud while in the midst of your day.

  2. Complice, and in particular beeminding using Complice towards a particular goal. If you use the Complice integration to beemind:

    • setting an intention towards the goal every day
    • completing at least a few intentions or pomodoros a week towards that goal
    • and completing your weekly review in Complice

    then I think that would be similarly effective to Danny’s suggestion here.

Although I do think that the Captain’s-Logginess of Danny’s suggestion is really good, and I’m itching to find a way to have more of that within Complice—ie better affordances for people to go “Hmm… what’s going on right now?” and reflect on that midday. And then that could be another thing to beemind. Hmm…


I was once engaged in some project at work I didn’t really care too much about. I beeminded “do something project X-related every day”. It worked quite well!


Isnt this why tagtime exists?


@gkrishna63 It’s difficult to use TagTime to beemind anything that is low volume and sporadic, because the random ping times mean that you’re likely to miss the times that you’re working on the project, or to force you to work longer than it warrants on an emergency day, just to catch a ping.

If it’s something that’s amenable to tracking time, you could use a timer instead of TagTime. My own TagTime goals are very coarse-grained, for things that are going to average tens of pings per week.

@malcolm thanks for that! Have adopted the captain’s log (mine is in Draft and beeminded on volume of words) and re-adopted Complice.


interesting insight.
What is the difference between timer and tagtime