IFTTT Channel is LIVE!!


I was looking to automate my READ goal to update everytime I posted a status update to Goodreads, but I see that there is no Goodreads channel for IFTTT.

Then I tried to set Goodreads to automatically tweet my book status updates and have IFTTT grab the page number from the tweet to send to my goal, but I cannot figure out a way to do that.

Any ideas?


Ooh, we do have ideas! Namely some undocumented features with our IFTTT channel that let you parse and transform ingredients from IFTTT triggers that aren’t available as raw numbers. So in this case we’d do this with a macro that takes the text of the tweet and gives the first number contained in it. Would that work for you?

EDIT: Typo that made it sound like we already have this working. We do have similar things implemented and it’s very easy to add more!


Thanks! I changed it back to manual and it works great.


Hmm, I use the IFTTT beeminder channel and the RSS channel to beemind how many books I’ve read. Each time there is a new RSS item on my “read” bookshelf, a new beeminder point is logged. It looks like there is also an RSS feed for your status updates, so you could try that? I found the status updates RSS feed by going to my profile, looking at “status updates” and clicking the small rss button next to it. You may need to filter out different types of status updates, but it’s worth a shot.


One other nice thing about setting the data source to IFTTT is we include a button above your graph to go to your Recipes where you can force it to trigger manually (just hit the refresh button next to the Recipe). May be important when down to the wire on a beemergency day. (We’re still discussing how we can be robust to that so you never have to think about it.)


Aha, that is probably better than doing it via twitter.

However, I am Beeminding my pages read via an odometer goal, not books read. I created an IFTTT recipe to reset the odometer to zero every time the Goodread’s RSS contains the phrase “started reading”

To snag the current page number out of the RSS feed will probably take something like what dreev mentioned.

[quote=“dreev, post:9, topic:765”]
undocumented features with our IFTTT channel that let you parse and transform ingredients from IFTTT triggers that aren’t available as raw numbers. So in this case we’d do this with a macro that takes the text of the tweet and gives the first number contained in it. Would that work for you?
[/quote]This would be great!

IFTTT Macros

Beeminder should always check for new data before derailing a goal.
Is this not how it currently works?


@insti That’s the core difference between push and pull integrations.

Beeminder can only check for new data if it’s driving the integration. With datapoints pushed to Beeminder via the API, IFTTT, or Zapier, there may be no way for Beeminder to check whether it’s got all the data. That’s why our Zapier goal pages don’t have a refresh button but link you to the Zap page, where you may be able to force an update.

(Right now there’s a spurious message ‘checking for data’ even on integrations where there’s no way of us doing the fetching.)


Is the beemergency trigger supposed to fire multiple times in one day for the same goal? It is okay if it is intentional zeno polling or something, but does change what a reasonable rate should be for my beeminding beemergencies goal.


I believe it should only trigger once per day per goal.


If that is the case, you may have a bug. My Beemergencies goal shows two data points for my pedometer goal on the same day for the 14th and the 16th.


Thanks for the example. The only one I see repeated is the pedometer one, which is interesting. I’m thinking it might have something to do with the 3am deadline on this one, though it is not the only one of your goals with a 3am deadline, so… there’s some ambiguity there. Anyhow, I’ll look deeper.



Ah, I’ve figured it out and fixing it now. It’s definitely from the 3am deadline – if the goal’s already safe when we roll over midnight we were triggering another eep day warning, but if the goal was already safe we weren’t. I think this accounts for us not seeing duplicates from other 3am deadline goals of yours.



Yeah, I think the pedometer goal is the only one that regularly has two eep days in a row. Most of my other eep items tend to be more of the “do this 3 times a week” sort, so I get at least a day of breathing room in between beemergencies.


Lemme know if the duplicates continue, because I think it should be fixed now (and I’m not actively using this trigger myself).

Also, have you beeminded less eep days in the past? Or is this your first foray? I’m super keen to hear a followup in another two to three weeks to hear how it’s working!



I haven’t tried beeminding eep days before, but it seemed such a natural use of the IFTTT functionality that I thought I’d give it a try. I’m initially going with a fairly generous rate just to gather some data on how often am I skirting the edge of the road.


I’m finally making use of at least one of my spreadsheet logging IFTTT recipes and paying enough attention to the log to zero in on the oddities that I have suspected for a while.The recipe fires every time data is added to a specific Beeminder goal and sometimes datapoints are added to my spreadsheet multiple times. Each datapoint should be added to the bottom of the spreadsheet, thus data should appear in date order.

A particular datapoint for the 16th June got added again yesterday. I checked back to see how many times this one has cropped up and I found it another two times. The first instance - presumably logged correctly on the 16th - is surrounding by data from April! Sure enough, these April data have also been repetitively logged.


@peppertoni I may have found the bug here, but can you tell me which goal you’re logging where the duplicates are showing up? It’ll help me verify my theory. (you can email to support if you don’t want to advertise in the public forum, of course!)



It’s this goal. Data come from this goal as well but they don’t seem to duplicate.


Another duplicate data point has been logged within the last 24 hours. Same goal and this data point is from May.