Additional Ifttt info in setup

Hi there. Been on beeminder on and off for some time now but this is my first time posting. I’ve decided I’m going to try public accountability with beeminder. I think while I manage to talk myself into weaseling and creative excuses, I don’t so much towards other people. So going to try twitter with ifttt. But ifttt does not have an option to post info on a derailment. It also doesn’t give the option to post the exact amount needed for the day with other recipes except for zeno alerts. Can those two things be added?


Welcome to the forum, @msbuzybody! (Sorry I took so long to say so.)

We do want to add those things to our IFTTT channel and I think we will eventually but it still hasn’t percolated to the top of our priority list. I don’t think it will be too hard so next time we make any changes to our IFTTT channel at all hopefully we’ll include those.

Here’s some previous discussion about this: