Multi-factor authentication?


If Beeminder supports multi-factor auth, I can’t find it. If not, it should! :slight_smile: Any plans?


It wasn’t on our radar so thank you for putting it there! I personally like to do my beeminding in public so it’s not something I was thinking about. And I’m not sure there’s tons of motive to compromise people’s accounts; at least no financial game from it. Not to say that stalkers and arch-enemies aren’t sufficient grounds to go the extra mile security-wise. Anyway, I’ll let people click :heart: on your suggestion to cast their vote for us to bump up the priority on this!


One option would be set up login with Google (presumably if you have a Google account and care about multi-factor, you have it set up there), then set your Beeminder password to a long random string and don’t write it down anywhere…