A button to stop yourself from deleting goals?

Since this goal is less than a week old you can immediately and completely delete it.

I do have one problem with this. The major procrastinators like myself do just that…delete it.

So I’d like to suggest something. Maybe you could add a button that you cannot undo that automatically makes it so you can’t delete it unless you wait a week. It would just be a one-click, and you can choose whether to do it or not.

So if you just want to test a goal to see how it goes, you don’t need to click that button because you might want to delete the goal immediately a day or two down the line. But if it’s critical and you need to complete that goal, you could click that button to stop yourself deleting it in that first week.

This would remove one of the big hurdles in the way.

Some people would argue this isn’t necessary because you’d wait a week if you were absolutely 100% sure you would stick to that goal. However, what about tasks that you don’t want to do, but HAVE to do? That’s a different story. Then the button would make a lot more sense.


I might be wrong because I’ve never tried it, but I think that if you enable Weasel-proofing on a goal that’s just made, it’ll remove the ability to delete it?


Ah. Didn’t know this. It worked. Thankyou :slight_smile:


Weasel-proofing also means that the nice folks on support will ask you for evidence when you claim that a derailment was non-legit. If that’s not what you intended, then set yourself a reminder to ask them nicely to un-weasel the new goal after your danger-of-deletion-period has passed.

You’ve weaselproofed yourself on this goal. That means we’re going to be very strict if you derail a goal. Even if it’s an accident we’ll require proof of any excuses. If you are now regretting this, you can email support@beeminder.com and we’ll talk through getting you out of it.


I thought weaselproofing was irreversible!!