How to delete a goal

I set 2 goals, one I have achieved the other hasn’t worked i.e. it’s just set up wrong as I wanted to just experiment with Beeminder before entering cc - so I just did “Do 3 Tasks before lunch” Didn’t apply as I’m on a very tight deadline and working on a project. So I’ve just been ticking done - but it’s pretty meaningless at present.

The other goal was a set 3 weeks and was linked to Fitbit. However, that’s just sitting there and continuing to take data from Fitbit, even though it should be finished

So I’ve learned to think more about the goals I’m setting

So how do I delete these 2 goals and get rid of the annoying emails :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that you’ve figured this out, given that one of those has disappeared from your gallery. I’ve archived the other one.

You can hit ‘archive’ at any time, and the goal will stop after another week of sticking to it. Archived goals can be deleted or restarted.

Newly created goals can often be deleted in the first few days, because sometimes it doesn’t behave as you’d envisioned.

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Thank you Philip. OK, good to know how the “Archive” works. I did that this morning to one of them, but was confused it stayed there - so that explains why it had disappeared.

Have been really busy this last couple of weeks, so not really had the option to procrastinate :wink: Will get back to Beeminder serioiusly after 7 Feb.

Thanks for your prompt help

For future reference, if you’d like to change the frequency of emails for any of your goals you can do that by clicking the honeycomb icon in the top right of the screen and selecting “Reminders.”


Thanks Gretchen, that’s also very useful to know.