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Akrasia implemented immediately after goal is set instead of a week after

Is there a selection I can make so as to immediately implement the week delay to any changes (notably deletion of a goal)? In other words, prohibiting me from deleting a goal the day after I make it.

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Weaselproofing will do that! However, it’s worth reading through what that means before you do that, because it has other effects too.

It’d be interesting to know if you decide against it and why, in case there’s a new feature idea in there. :slight_smile:

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Sorry about the super late response, weaselproofing seems perfect. From what I understand it will stop me from immediately deleting goals and it also makes it harder to make an ‘excuse.’ Both of which seem like things I’d prefer for my beeminder goals.
I can’t find the weaselproof option in settings. On the blog it says it’s under ‘advanced settings’ but I don’t see an ‘advanced settings’ option that I can navigate too. I know there’s a goal-specific ‘weasel proof me’ option, but I would prefer to set it as a site wide default if possible.

Hi Daniel! There’s no site-wide default for weaselproofing; it needs to be opted into on a per-goal basis. It’s really interesting that you expected a site-wide default – do you know which blog post gave you the impression that there was one? Maybe we can edit that a bit and make things clearer!

(And of course, we can consider adding it as a feature, too! I think I’m personally hesitant about that because I see people weaselproof on auto-pilot already, and then realise – after a derailment, when they want to call not-legit – that they have no way to prove that they were in X place at X time or brushed their teeth after breakfast.)

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Blog post: Weasel-Proofing and the Definition of Legitimacy | Beeminder Blog

Not sure if it really needs to be changed, I just misunderstood mostly from this line: “UPDATE: The “weasel-proof me” checkbox is something you have to opt in to in advanced settings, not to be confused with the “I swear not to weasel” box that you have to check when pledging on goals.”
For some reason the second half of that line mentioning it to be goal specific made me think the first option in advanced settings wasn’t goal specific. But now that I read it more closely I see that the second is while pledging on a goal, not in a goal page.

I do see the issue with a site wide weasel proof that you mentioned. I guess I would just want a way where it automatically forbid me from deleting goals shortly after I made them. I can just click the weasel button when I make a goal, that works well too.

Thank you!!

Oof, that’s quite old! @dreev, do you have any light to shed? Is there an account-wide button hiding somewhere that I know nothing of? Or did we get rid of it? Am I having weirdly specific amnesia? :joy:

Ooh, thanks, y’all! I just added updates to that old blog post to clarify! (Don’t think we ever had account-wide weaselproofing.)